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Quantity: 1515 - 15.2%

"Clad in gleaming bronze, the warrior embodies the echoes of a bygone era, their resilient armor amplifying their courage and channeling the essence of ancient legends, as they march forward, a living testament to the valor of old."


Quantity: 1447 - 14.5%

"Beneath the weight of iron, the warrior becomes an unyielding bulwark, their resolute spirit forged into every plate, defending against the relentless tides of war with unwavering fortitude."


Quantity: 1297 - 12.9%


"With a resounding clash, the knight dons the steel armor, a sentinel of unyielding might. The polished metal reflects their unwavering determination, as they stand as a steadfast guardian, defending the realms from the encroaching shadows."


Quantity: 1239 - 10.6%

"From the depths of ancient volcanoes, obsidian emerges as a formidable armor, its dark essence entwined with the warrior's spirit, melding into an impenetrable shield that reflects the abyssal strength that resides within."


Quantity: 1063 - 10.6%

"Crafted from the fabled ore of ages past, the mithril armor envelops the chosen champion, bestowing upon them an otherworldly grace and impenetrable defense, as they become a luminous bastion in the face of encroaching darkness."


Quantity: 969 - 9.7%

"Woven from the sacred veins of the earth, the adamantine armor enwraps the chosen champion, melding strength and grace into an impervious shield. Their very being becomes a testament to unbreakable resolve, as they stride fearlessly, impervious to the threats that dare challenge their indomitable spirit."


Quantity: 743 - 7.4%

"Etched with ancient glyphs, the rune armor pulsates with arcane energy, infusing its wearer with mystic might. Each rune holds a tale of power and protection, as the armored one becomes a vessel of ancient wisdom, wielding the forces of magic and metal in perfect harmony."


Quantity: 644 - 6.4%

"Forged from the scales of the majestic dragon, the armor embodies the essence of ancient power. As flames dance upon its surface, the dragon armor grants its wearer the resilience and ferocity of the mythical beast, as they soar into battle with an indomitable spirit, breathing fire upon their foes and leaving legends in their wake."


Quantity: 443 - 4.4%

"Clad in regal attire, adorned in hues of noble purple, the royal armor befits the valiant sovereign. It signifies their majestic presence, commanding respect and loyalty, as they lead with wisdom and grace, safeguarding their realm with an unwavering resolve befitting their crown."


Quantity: 370 - 3.7%

"From the ethereal realm, the spectral armor materializes, its incorporeal form a ghostly shroud that veils the wearer in the essence of the beyond. With every step, they tread the line between realms, harnessing the spectral energy to evade, haunt, and strike with an otherworldly prowess that leaves their adversaries in awe and trepidation."


Quantity: 280 - 2.8%

"In gilded splendor, the king dons the radiant armor of gold, a symbol of sovereignty and might. The resplendent metal resonates with their noble spirit, embodying the majestic power that flows through their veins. Adorned in regality, they lead with benevolence, protecting their realm and subjects with a golden valor that inspires loyalty and awe."

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