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Quantity: 850 - 8.5%

"The Knight, a beacon of unwavering honor, wields righteousness as their sword and courage as their armor, defending the realm of righteousness with unyielding determination."


Quantity: 845 - 8.4%

"The Cleric, a beacon of divine grace, bestows healing and solace. With whispered prayers and compassionate touch, they mend hearts and ignite the flame of hope, forever guiding souls toward redemption."


Quantity: 824 - 8.2%

"The Coif, an armor of woven steel, embraces the head with resolute fortitude. It stands as a testament to the warrior's commitment, shielding them from the arrows of doubt and the blows of adversity, as they march forward with unwavering determination and unyielding courage."


Quantity: 804 - 8.0%

"The eyepatch, a mark of adversity embraced with unflinching determination, conceals a story of resilience and echoes the warrior's unyielding spirit, reminding all that true strength lies not in what is seen, but in what endures."


Quantity: 766 - 7.7%

"The Templar, guardians of ancient wisdom and keepers of sacred oaths, march forth with unwavering devotion, their spirits clad in armor of unwavering faith, as they stand as beacons of light amidst the shadows of darkness, defending honor and upholding justice."


Quantity: 760 - 7.6%

"The Gladiator, a symphony of strength and skill, carves a timeless legacy in the arena. With fierce determination, they embody resilience, pursue glory, and captivate all with their indomitable presence."


Quantity: 648 - 6.5%

"The Spartan, forged in discipline and resolve, marches with unwavering determination. Clad in fortitude and valor, they epitomize stoic bravery, ready to conquer all challenges united and unbreakable."


Quantity: 641 - 6.4%

"The Centurion, a beacon of leadership and unwavering authority, commands with regal presence and steady gaze. Adorned in disciplined armor, they embody unwavering loyalty, protecting and leading comrades to victory."


Quantity: 635 - 6.3%

"The Sultan, draped in opulent robes and crowned with timeless wisdom, leads with benevolence and vision. Their empire thrives, guided by their sagacity, nurturing a realm where culture, enlightenment, and prosperity intertwine, etching an immortal legacy on history's sands."


Quantity: 586 - 5.9%

"The Chancellor, a master of diplomacy and architect of governance, navigates the intricate webs of power with sagacity and tact. With their words as their greatest weapon, they forge alliances, shape policies, and steer nations towards prosperity, epitomizing the art of statecraft and the delicate balance of influence."


Quantity: 573 - 5.7%

"The Captain, a figure of untamed freedom and boundless adventure, sails the vast seas with a heart fueled by rebellion and a spirit unyielding to the constraints of society. With their flag flying high and the wind as their ally, they command a crew of misfits, seeking treasure and rewriting their own destiny upon the unpredictable waves."


Quantity: 516 - 5.2%

"The Samurai, a warrior steeped in tradition and the way of the sword, moves with grace and precision. They embody the harmony between discipline and honor, and with each strike, they carve poetry in motion."


Quantity: 459 - 4.6%

"The Mage, a weaver of arcane wonders, harnesses the primal forces of magic with a mind ablaze with knowledge and a spirit attuned to the mystical realms. Through ancient tomes and whispered incantations, they shape reality itself, casting spells that defy imagination and illuminating the world with the brilliance of their enchanted prowess."

Party Hat.gif
Party Hat

Quantity: 452 - 4.5%

"Adorned with a party hat atop their noble helm, brings a touch of mirth to the realm of chivalry. Beneath the armor of valor beats a heart that celebrates life's joys, reminding us that even amidst battles and quests, laughter and celebration have their rightful place, adding a vibrant spark to their unwavering dedication and gallant spirit."


Quantity: 337 - 3.4%

"The Wizard, a conduit of arcane secrets and wielder of mystic forces, conjures realms of wonder with a mere flick of their fingers. They navigate the realms of knowledge and magic, unraveling mysteries and shaping reality itself, a living testament to the boundless power that lies within the depths of the human mind."


Quantity: 297 - 3.0%

"The Warlord, a force of indomitable might and relentless conquest, strides upon the battlefield like a living legend. Their presence commands respect, their gaze instills fear, and their every action echoes with the weight of destiny. With a spirit unyielding to any obstacle, they forever embody the epitome of martial prowess and unquenchable ambition."


Quantity: 7 - 0.07%

"You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"

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