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Quantity:  1038 - 10.4%

"The sword, a gleaming extension of the warrior's will, cuts through the air with deadly grace, its tempered edge poised to strike down the forces of darkness and uphold the virtues of honor and justice."


Quantity: 1032    - 10.3%

"The axe, a formidable instrument of war, cleaves through the chaos of battle with unyielding strength, sundering armor and sundering adversaries with each mighty swing, leaving a path of resolute determination in its wake."


Quantity: 965 - 9.7%

"The spear, a poised weapon of reach, strikes with precision and commands the battlefield, keeping adversaries at bay with its lethal thrusts."


Quantity: 821 - 8.2%

"The dagger, a swift and lethal companion, dances in the hands of the agile warrior, striking swiftly and silently, finding vulnerabilities in the armor of foes with deadly precision."


Quantity: 787 - 7.9%

"The staff, a versatile implement of combat, becomes an extension of the warrior's skill, delivering swift strikes and blocking incoming blows with calculated finesse, a steadfast ally in the hands of a masterful combatant."


Quantity: 780 - 7.8%

"The warhammer, an instrument of pure devastation, shatters defenses and crushes adversaries with bone-rattling impact, leaving a path of destruction in its wake."


Quantity: 768 - 7.7%

"The mace, a formidable bludgeoning weapon, delivers bone-crushing strikes that shatter armor and crush the resolve of foes, leaving a wake of disarray and commanding respect on the battlefield."

Battle Staff.gif
Battle Staff

Quantity: 752 - 7.5%

"The battle staff, a versatile weapon of offense and defense, strikes and parries with deadly finesse, embodying the seamless fusion of agility and resilience on the battlefield."


Quantity: 746 - 7.5%

"The cutlass, a weapon of swashbuckling prowess, slices through the air with agile grace, its curved blade a testament to the daring spirit of the seafaring warrior, ready to engage in close-quarters combat and claim victory with audacious flair."

Magic Staff.gif
Magic Staff

Quantity: 551 - 5.5%

"The magic staff, a conduit of mystical energies, crackles with arcane power as it channels spells of devastating might, empowering the wielder to command the elements and reshape reality itself, a testament to the boundless possibilities of magic in skilled hands."


Quantity: 517 - 5.2%

"The flail, a weapon of controlled chaos, swings with unpredictable fury, its whirling chain and spiked ball creating a tempest of devastation, leaving foes disoriented and shattered amidst the relentless onslaught."


Quantity: 502 - 5.0%

"The scimitar, a curved blade of swift elegance, dances through the air with lethal grace, slicing effortlessly through defenses and leaving a trail of swift victory in its wake."

Holy Staff.gif
Holy Staff

Quantity: 267 - 2.7%

"The holy staff, a sacred conduit, radiates divine light, mending wounds and banishing darkness, empowering the righteous with benevolent magic and ushering in a dawn of hope and healing."

Mace Staff.gif
Mace Staff

Quantity: 252 - 2.5%

"The mace staff, a formidable blend of strength and reach, strikes with unyielding force, its dual-ended design granting versatility in combat, crushing adversaries with bone-shattering impact while maintaining a formidable defense."


Quantity: 222 - 2.2%

"The poleaxe, a weapon of versatility and precision, combines the might of an axe, the thrust of a spear, and the hook of a halberd, allowing the wielder to cleave through armor, pierce defenses, and unhorse foes with masterful finesse."

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