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Quantity: 1010 - 10.1%

"Unburdened by a shield, the warrior wields their main weapon with unwavering focus, unleashing their skill and resolve upon the battlefield."

Round Shield.gif
Round Shield

Quantity: 1007 - 10.1%

"The round shield, a steadfast defender, forms an unyielding circle against the onslaught of adversaries, preserving the warrior's safety within its sturdy embrace."


Quantity: 975 - 9.8%

"The buckler, a steadfast ally, dances with swift defense, shielding its bearer in the tempest of combat."

Templar Shield.gif
Templar Shield

Quantity: 931 - 9.3%

"The Templar shield, adorned with sacred sigils, shines as a radiant barrier, warding off darkness and guiding the noble warrior along the path of righteousness."

Hero Shield.gif
Hero Shield

Quantity: 918 - 9.2%

"The hero shield, an emblem of courage, defends the righteous with unwavering strength."

Kite Shield.gif
Kite Shield

Quantity: 790 - 7.9%

"The kite shield, a formidable bulwark, spreads its protective wings, warding off the onslaught of foes with steadfast resolve."

Celtic Shield.gif
Celtic Shield

Quantity: 766 - 7.7%

"The Celtic shield, an intricate tapestry of ancient symbols, intertwines the warrior's spirit with the storied wisdom of their ancestors, safeguarding them in battle with an ethereal connection to their heritage."

Hoplite Shield.gif
Round Shield

Quantity: 739 - 7.4%

"The Hoplite shield, a formidable bulwark of ancient valor, stands tall as a guardian's wall, invoking the spirit of disciplined warriors who held the line with unyielding strength."

Dagger Off-Hand.gif
Dagger Off-Hand

Quantity: 723 - 7.2%

"The dagger in the off hand, a silent sentinel, complements the main weapon with swift and deadly precision, striking at vulnerabilities and keeping adversaries at bay with calculated finesse."

Oval Shield.gif
Oval Shield

Quantity: 600 - 6.0%

"The oval shield, an elegant guardian, curves in perfect harmony with the warrior's form, offering resolute defense while allowing agile maneuverability, embodying the balance between protection and fluidity."

Axe Off-Hand.gif
Axe Off-Hand

Quantity: 589 - 5.9%

"The axe in the off hand, a fearsome companion, brings the fury of dual-wielding to life, empowering the warrior to unleash devastating strikes from unexpected angles, striking fear into the hearts of their foes."

Sword Off-Hand.gif
Sword Off-Hand

Quantity: 483 - 4.8%

"The sword in the off hand, a graceful partner, dances with swift finesse, enhancing the warrior's versatility in combat, parrying and striking with a seamless fluidity that leaves their adversaries in awe."

Tower Shield.gif
Tower Shield

Quantity: 469 - 4.7%

"The tower shield, a colossal bastion, rises like an immovable fortress, providing unyielding protection that shields allies and withstands the fiercest of onslaughts, embodying resilience and steadfast defense."

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